Braked towing capacity
3 to 3.5 tonnes
843 to 1,033kg
132 to 200kW1
400 to 580Nm

Tough comes from within

If you’re looking for tough – an uncompromising, resilient, clever kind of tough – then look no further. Introducing the powerful Amarok and Amarok V6.

Amarok trims
Discover / Enquire: Amarok range below.

  • Amarok Double Cab Highline TDI580 4WD 8 Spd Auto
    3.0, 580 Nm, AUTO, V6 Highline Black 580 S
  • Amarok Dual Cab TDI550 4WD 8 Speed Auto
    Core, Core, 8 Speed Auto, V6 Core 4X4
  • Amarok Sportline Dual Cab TDI550 4WD 8 Speed Auto
    Sportline, Sportline, 8 Speed Auto, V6 Sportline 4×4
  • Amarok Highline Dual Cab TDI550 4WD 8 Speed Auto
    Highline, Highline, 8 Speed Auto, V6 Highline 4X4
  • Amarok Double Cab Highline TDI580 Black 4×4 8 Spd Auto
    3.0 L TDI, 580 Nm, 8 Spd Auto, V6 Highline 4×4 Black
  • Amarok TDI580 4WD 8 Speed Auto
    Ultimate, Ultimate, 8 Speed Auto, V6 Ultimate 580 4X4
  • Amarok Canyon Dual Cab TDI550 4WD 8 Spd Auto
    Canyon, Canyon, 8 Spd Auto, V6 Canyon 4×4
  • Amarok Core Dual Cab TDI400 4WD 6 Speed Manual
    2.0, 400 Nm, 6 Speed Manual, Diesel
  • Amarok Core Dual Cab TDI420 4WD 8 Speed Auto
    Core, Core, 8 Speed Auto, Core 4X4
to be reckoned with
to be reckoned with
A force to be reckoned with
to be reckoned with
A force to be reckoned with
Powerful performance
The Amarok and Amarok V6 have an inside that matches their outside, with plenty of character under the hood.
  • Ladder frame chassis
    Ladder frame chassis
    Tough, full length ladder frame chassis

    The chassis is tough enough for whatever you throw at it – or under it. With two long chassis rails, connected by shorter rails, it consists of 7 cross sections. These cross sections offer maximum strength and rigidity optimising off-road and towing performance.

  • 4MOTION and off-road mode
    4MOTION and off-road mode
    Ready for any adventure

    Amarok’s 4×4 system utilises a Torsen differential to distribute optimal power between all four wheels. The optional Selectable 4MOTION system gives you the choice of three modes: rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive low range. At the touch of a button you can select the best mode for whatever the conditions may be.

    The intelligent ‘off-road’ button sets up the vehicle for off-road driving with functions including Hill Descent Control, and recalibrated ABS settings that improve performance on dirt, and reduce the stopping distance on loose surfaces.

  • TDI Engine
    TDI Engine
    Power is its strong suit

    The tough 4-cylinder Amarok has all the grunt you need to conquer the building site or go off the beaten track. Available in manual and auto, the 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel engine generates 132kW of power and 400Nm (manual) and 420Nm (auto) of torque, making quick work of challenging terrains.

    If you need even more grunt, the Amarok V6, with a 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel engine, delivers a thrilling 165kW of power and 180kW on Overboost. If that’s still not enough, the Amarok V6 Ultimate 580 and Highline 580 Black generate an incredible 190kW of power, surging to a class-leading 200kW on Overboost. With that amount of power, very little stands in its way.

  • Load areas and payload
    Load areas and payload
    Space where it’s needed most

    The Amarok can pack a full size ‘Euro’ pallet with its incredible 1222mm tray. Not only is it the widest, it has four lashing eyes conveniently located around the load space. Plus, when you work late, there’s a light above the rear window to illuminate the tray. And with a payload of up to 911kg, transporting almost anything is possible2.

Innovative from the inside, out
The Amarok isn’t just tough, it has all you would expect and more from a Volkswagen.
  • Media systems
    Media systems
    Hardwired for connection

    Navigation has never been easier thanks to the optional Discover Media package, with a 6.5” colour display with touchscreen, 2D and 3D (bird’s eye) map views, CD player with auxillary input and two SD card slots for navigation and media. Only available on Highline and Ultimate models.

    The Composition Media system boasts a crystal clear 6.33” colour touch screen, packed with the latest multimedia functions, including App-Connect3 and Bluetooth®. For added convenience the telephone functions can be voice activated. Available on all models.

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and off-road ABS
    Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and off-road ABS
    In safe hands

    ESP helps you stay in control of your vehicle by preventing understeer or oversteer. If your vehicle starts to skid, the Electronic Stabilisation Programme will apply the brakes to individual wheels and adjust the engine’s power output to correct the problem.

    Off-road ABS reduces the stopping distance on loose surfaces at the press of a button. When this function is activated the braking interval is increased; the wheels lock up in a controlled manner so that material from the ground (such as gravel or sand) build up in front of each wheel, reducing the stopping distance.

  • Multi-Collision Brake
    Multi-Collision Brake
    Safety as standard

    The Multi-Collision Brake system4 applies the brakes to slow the vehicle to 10km/h when airbag sensors detect a collision, so that a secondary impact will be lessened or avoided. During braking, the hazard and brake lights are illuminated and remain activated. The driver can take over at any time.

  • Trailer Stabilisation
    Trailer Stabilisation
    Steady the load

    Trailer Stabilisation4 complements the electronic stabilisation program. If your trailer starts to fluctuate heavily, the system slows it down through controlled braking and reduced engine torque – steadying the trailer and increasing driving safety. Genuine Amarok wiring harness must be fitted.

Built for maximum driving pleasure
The Amarok can handle extreme angles, gradients and slopes, providing a comfortable drive on any terrain.
  • Interior
    Get comfortable being tough

    The Amarok’s interior boasts plenty of space to stow your belongings, including storage on the dashboard, large compartments under the front seats on the Sportline and Highline, and four cup holders. The ergoComfort 14-way electric seats, available in luxury Nappa leather appointed upholstery5, ensure a comfortable drive and safe journey.

  • Gradients
    See the world at different angles

    From steep slopes to rushing streams, the Amarok’s got it covered. It handles 45° inclines, has a maximum slope angle of 29.5° at the front and 18.0° at the rear, and can handle pools with a wading depth of 500mm. The Amarok’s broad wheelbase provides enormous stability, even when driving along slopes with a 50° incline*.
    *Actual is 49.7° on left 50.8° on right

Introducing the Amarok V6 580S
  • Amarok 580s
    Amarok 580s
    Power changes everything

    With the class-leading grunt of the Amarok V6, you’ll never look at an incline the same. You’ll see river crossings with a new perspective and eye-up trailers with shoulders back and chest out.

    • Power comes from the 3.0 litre 190kW (200kW on overboost) V6 turbo diesel engine
    • 8-speed automatic transmission including the fuel-saving overdrive gear and short first gear for pulling away when towing
    • 20″ TALCA black gloss alloy wheels solidifies the Amarok 580’s on-road presence
    • Moulded styling bar for a powerful look that sets it apart from other dual-cab utes
    • Available in White, Deep Pearl Black or Carbon Steel6
    • Art Velour interior trim5 with heated seats for ute that’s as powerful as it is premium

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Genuine Accessories Make it yours.
A little more won’t hurt. Add even more function to your new vehicle with a selection of accessories.Optional accessories at extra cost. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only7.

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