Child anchor points
Luggage/Load capacity
From 4,300 litres

Designed for adventure

Stylish, sporty, and technologically advanced. When you need to round up the gang for city side exploring or go off the beaten track, the Multivan 6.1 is the van to take you there in style.

Multivan trims
Discover / Enquire: Multivan range below.

  • Multivan Comfortline Exec LWB 2.0l TDI 450 FWD 7-Speed DSG
    2.0l, 450 Nm, 7-Speed DSG, Diesel
  • Multivan Highline 2.0l TDI 450 FWD 7-Speed DSG
    2.0l , 450 Nm, 7-Speed DSG, Diesel
  • Multivan Cruise Edition 2.0l TDI 340 FWD 7-Speed DSG
    2.0l , 340 Nm, 7-Speed DSG, Diesel
  • Multivan Comfortline Premium 2.0l TDI 340 FWD 7-Speed DSG
    2.0l, 340 Nm, 7-Speed DSG, Diesel
Ready for anything
We all wear different hats. Whether you’re dropping off the kids, going on a family weekender, running errands or hitting the surf with mates, the Multivan 6.1 has the smarts to be whatever you need it to be.
  • Versatile and flexible
    Versatile and flexible
    The ultimate weekender

    With unlimited room and flexibility from the innovative seat rail system, the only limit is your imagination. Just about everything adjusts, rotates and folds, and long objects have a second home under the 3-seater bench seat. But if you need even more space, the seats can be removed and reinstalled in a few simple steps. And for the little ones, all seats have ISOFIX and top tether mounting points for child seats.

  • Customise your storage
    Customise your storage
    Load up for adventure

    Everything has been well thought out with a range of optional smart storage solutions. The padded Multiflex board creates an additional shelf or simply pop it down to increase the lying surface. The 32-litre cool box is your best friend when it comes to transporting cold or hot things. And it can be loaded with 1.5-litre bottles horizontally or 1.0-litre bottles vertically.

    The ultimate getaway van is made even more adaptable with the optional Good Night Package. Available in combination with the Multiflex board, it includes fabric blackout panels for the windows, a mini reading light, a washable cover and three drawers under the 3-seater bench seat.

  • Electric sliding doors
    Electric sliding doors
    A second pair of eyes

    With all of life’s comings and goings, it’s good to know there are lots of little guards to make sure nothing gets stuck in the electric sliding doors. Regardless of whether the doors are opened and closed from the cockpit, with the remote-control key or directly from the handle. The built-in sensors detect hands before they come into harm, to prevent those pesky ouch moments.

  • Performance
    Behind you on every adventure

    Hands up if you’re on the road a lot? The range of engine and gearbox combinations along with optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive, ensures your main focus is getting to where you need to go while also having some fun along the way. And if your day takes you off the road, Mechanical differential lock, Hill Descent Assist and DSG will help you navigate tough conditions and steep heels safely.

Explore with confidence
The California 6.1 is fitted out with all the latest safety tech like Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Blind Spot Monitoring with Lane Assist to keep you safe on every adventure.3
  • Safety as standard
    Safety as standard
    Your guardian angel

    California 6.1 is kitted out with a suite of innovative safety features as standard to assist you on the road.3

    • Front Assist with City Emergency Brakes and Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Multi-Collision Brake
    • Crosswind Assist
    • Lane Assist
    • Blindspot Monitoring with Rear Traffic alert
    • Front and Rear Park Distance Control with Rear View Camera
  • Driver Assistance
    Driver Assistance
    Your companion in adventure

    The California 6.1 has a range of intuitive and innovative driver assist features that give you the confidence to explore further. Add the optional Highbeam Assist for those late-night drives, so all you need to concentrate on is the destination. And say goodbye to laps around the block looking for the perfect park. With the optional Park Assist, you can park anywhere with ease.3

  • Convenience
    Light the way

    Your evenings are illuminated with LED interior lighting and the two reading lights in the roof console provide pleasant light for after-hours reading or working.

    The LED daytime running lights add style and make you more visible on the road. While the optional LED headlights do more than you would expect. They give the vehicle an attractive signature light design while also providing a long-distance beam and large light volume, perfect for long trips on the road.

Enhance your adventure
When you’re discovering all that life has to offer, you need the latest tech and comforts to complete the perfect journey.
  • Drivability
    The creature comforts

    When it comes to getting back to exploring, the Multivan 6.1 is the one to take you there in complete comfort. The optional electrical 12-way seat adjustment and heating will have you comfortable and cosy. While the lumbar support, backrest tilt, seat height and seating surface tilt will ensure every inch of your seating position is exactly how you want it. And the redesigned multifunction steering wheel takes the pleasant driving experience to another level.

    Supreme comfort extends to the back with ventilation strips in the headlining that supply fresh air to the passenger compartment, swivelling reading lamps, and shade blinds on the windows that act as a shield from bright sunlight.

  • Infotainment
    Stay on track

    Experience a world of Infotainment at your fingertips on the 8” Discover Media, or for a larger touchscreen, upgrade to the optional 9.2” Discover Media Pro. Integrated within the digital cockpit the navigation is displayed seamlessly in front of you, taking you to your destination with ease.

    While App-Connect allows you to display selected apps and play your favourite music via Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. You can stay focused on the road by handling calls and operating the radio and media functions using voice commands. Plus, your smartphones and devices are always charged up for taking adventure snaps or keeping the family entertained thanks to the extra USB-C port in the central compartment.3

  • Heating and cooling
    Heating and cooling
    It’s always sunny side up

    You’re thinking about your next holiday; were thinking about the ideal temperature. In the Multivan 6.1, the climate is always perfect thanks to the Climatronic air-conditioning and optional Auxiliary heater. Special sensors adapt the air conditioning system’s cooling output to the power of the sun’s rays. If the sun is streaming through the window, the air conditionining automoatically creates a cool breeze. It also works the other way around: if the windscreen fogs up in the winter, moisture sensors make sure that heat is automatically directed to the front and the windscreen heating is switched on.

Introducing the Multivan Cruise special edition
  • Multivan Cruise special edition
    Multivan Cruise special edition
    Adventure with all the extras

    70 years ago, we made way for the much-loved special edition Multivan, the Kombi, and now we welcome another. Up for anything, the Multivan Cruise is sleek and sophisticated with an iconic design and two-tone paint combination. Kitted out with all the latest technology and features, it’s more intelligent than ever before. Whether you’re keen to venture off the beaten track or drive through the city in style, it’s a van built for all occasions.

    • Highlights include:
    • Special Edition glossy black ‘CRUISE’ badge on the B-pillars.
    • Stylish chrome design elements.
    • LED headlamp and LED taillights.
    • A larger 9.2” Discover Media Pro Satellite Navigation with Bluetooth, Wireless App
    • Connect, Voice Control and 6 speakers.
    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
    • Convenient electric sliding doors and electric open/close tailgate.
Want to learn more about the Multivan?

Download the specifications for all the facts and figures.

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Multivan accessories
A little more won’t hurt. Add even more function to your new vehicle with a selection of optional accessories. Optional accessories at extra cost. Overseas models are shown for illustrative purposes only4.

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